Minding Your Amygdala - A Brain, Body, Behavior Podcast

The Humans are Gangbanging!

January 05, 2023 Dr. Alauna Curry Season 2 Episode 13
Minding Your Amygdala - A Brain, Body, Behavior Podcast
The Humans are Gangbanging!
Show Notes

Why does it seem like humanity is gang-banging right now? How we achieve Unity in such a Divided Society?  We're called the "United States" but it seems we are more divided than ever.  I haven't heard anyone say that they think humans are doing OK. "Mass global mental health crisis" is a term we hear more and more. There aren't even enough mental health practitioners, especially who are FULLY trauma trained to even manage the number of people struggling emotionally. 

What do we need?  Mass education. A huge RESET in how we think of mental health, in general. Mental health is for everyone. We all have a brain. It's doing shit. We need to understand what it's doing to our decision making, and how operating in primitive FEAR mode, grouping, stereotyping and dehumanizing others sets us up for a state of perpetual "Us" vs. "Them."

Tribalism is in our biology. We biologically tend to group with similar and prefer  "same." There nothing we despise more than fear and pain.  When something is unknown, it creates a sense of danger.  To our brain, predictable means "safer."  Our Amygdalas are running the show when we operate in fear. This is the effect of terrorism and we are allowing it to work on us. Fear begets suspicion, distrust, disgust then dismissal and dehumanization. It is what allows us to ignore others emotions AND try to ignore our own. We have been told emotions are bad or that they don't exist when they are IN FACT. The. Most. Important. Things. We. Can. Pay. Attention. To. Right. Now!

Who do you dehumanize? Where are you being tribal?

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