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Minding Your Amygdala - A Brain, Body, Behavior Podcast

Dr. Alauna Curry

When you experience something traumatic, who do you call for help? How much education have you received about your brain, biology and their connection to your behavior? Are you familiar with the Amygdala (“Your Feelings Creator”) and one of the six Primitive Brain Systems that are predictably programmed by psychological trauma?When you or a loved one needs psychological help, it's hard to know what to say or do. Start here! Join Dr. Alauna, Trauma Psychiatrist, who believes in a comprehensive, empathy-based approach to healing from trauma. Regardless of the events leading to the traumatic experience (ex. physical abuse, sexual trauma, climate disasters, or even invisible wounds like invalidation), the impact on the brain’s programming is the same. It's time to de-stigmatize trauma as an experience that happens to everyone and evolve our ability to self-regulate our emotions. This is your weekly go-to for all questions about mental and emotional health, trauma recovery, brain science and more!Visit www.dralauna.com to learn more about Dr. Alauna, Trauma Psychiatrist